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The Pakistan Population Situation Analysis 2020 (PSA 2020) report has been launched by the Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives in collaboration with UNFPA. The PSA exercise was conducted using a participatory approach, involving government and non-governmental partners at national and provincial levels at different stages with the leadership of topnotch international and national experts and a group of peer reviewers. The PSA report is being considered a national benchmark instrument on population dynamics for the identification of key issues and population groups where policy intervention/revision may be required based on available evidences generated through this report.

The PSA 2020 intended for a wide range of audience, rimary decision-makers at various government levels, line ministries/departments, experts monitoring the progress in achieving the SDGs goals, ICPD and other socioeconomic activities, development partners and civil society organizations contributing to the country’s development and provision of protection of social rights. The content of the report may also be of great interest to the academia and researchers working on population issues and the demographic aspect of socio-economic development of the country.