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UNFPA has been supporting the Government of Pakistan in officially conducting the Sixth Housing and Population Census - the last of which was held almost 20 years ago. The latest data collected from the Census is a critical next step in the country’s development, which will uncover important demographic trends such as fertility, mortality and gender inequalities. Most importantly, it will inform how policymakers and leaders envision the future for Pakistan.

The Census was an enormous undertaking, spanning over 9-10 years. It required coordinating a wide range of partners and stakeholders, building community awareness through major campaigns, canvassing households, and compiling millions of questionnaires.

UNFPA’s role

UNFPA provided technical assistance, including training, advocacy and awareness raising and providing and maintaining census-related equipment (computers, servers, generators, plotters, decoding machine, GIS scanners and vehicles).

In addition to operationalizing the Census, UNFPA helped the Government in holding an international conference in Islamabad, Pakistan, where national and international Census experts gathered to share their expertise and lessons learned. Government staff were given clear guidance in how to conduct transparent and technically acceptable census within the framework of international standards.

UNFPA also conducted an independent Census observation and monitoring mission to help ensure that the Census recognized multi-ethnic, religious and social diversity and adhered to international standards and best practices.

The preliminary results are expected to be announced in April 2018.